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xmas relaunch of emailexpert!

secure your place to be recognised as a founder supporter on emailexpert permanently! Limited availability and a one time opportunity. We are relaunching as the go-to source of information for vendors, organisations and events in the space. .

we work so hard Google, Twitter and CLoudflare often block us as bots!

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offering visibility and transparency

From day one of relaunch a complete listing for a business will include a lot more than a descriptions and links to Website, Facebook, Twitter, Crunchbase and Glassdoor. As well as providing thorough profiles for each vendor in the space and other significant organisations. The opportunity exists for visitors to leave(moderated) reviews with tailored feedback points based on vertical, which will later enable vendor comparisons based on user feedback. The opportunity exists for business to publicise their vacancies and promote their events, conferences  and webinars. Where they are exhibiting or speaking at a trade event or similar a business will have this listed on their profile and link through to the full event listing details that will also be hosted on emailexpert.

With the ability to search our entire database in any number of ways and using a myriad set of flexible filters ensures the platform will be a valuable source of research and information from a wide number of users from those researching vendors as part of a selection process,a acquisition process or for  investment opportunities. As a source of competitor information and marketplace research and data. Naming just a few of the envisaged potential applications. 

Offering greater transparency for everyone

more data points

As well as reviews from our  community, data available from publicly available sources most data has been primary sourced directly by ourselves enabling us to build our own proprietary data set that will provide ever greater opportunity to mine data and provide business and competitive intelligence as we develop and amass historical data.

Frequently Questions

Some of the Questions we have been asked so far. Did you miss out on the preview access? Preview Access and Private Demo's will be available again soon!

What is the minimum level of commitment?

In response to feedback from individuals and startups that would like to support our efforts (we are humbled, truly) we have introduced a simple supporters package that is just $125 

Am I guaranteed leads/visits and..?

If this is your only or primary concern let us know. We will have marketing opportunities available. These opportunities for founder supporters will offer the lowest CPA and CPC in comparison to any other promotion offer we will run. However we are not providing guarantee’s with these offers beyond what we outline or agree with you specifically in writing.

How many Levels of Sponsorship and what benefits?

Founder Supporter: This guarantee’s you a link and thanks from our sponsors and supporters page for life.
You will also be able to include the emailexpert founder supporter badge to your icon or blog. You also gain a follow on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin as well as a shoutout!

Founding Sponsor: All aforementioned benefits, your logo on our supporters and sponsors page and a permanent enhanced listing on emailexpert (your listing will display before all free placements). You will also be acknowledged at any events we host until 2021, you will receive generous homepage promotion for 12 months and be provided $1000 in free promotional credit to use onsite after launch. Content marketing opportunities (publish content on the emailexpert blog) and promotion of your social media activity for 12 months.

Gold Sponsor: All aforementioned benefits plus organisation description on our supporters and sponsors page. Greater listing enhancements, homepage and social media promotion for 18 months and $5000 in promotional credit. Your listing will appear before other supporters, sponsors and free listings.We will send a direct update to well over 5000 members on our linkedin groups acknowledging your support and providing a business profile.

Founding Partner: Let us know what it would take to see your commitment at this level.

You can view the pricing by letting us know you are interested here.

How much does it cost?

Please click on ‘Reserve Your Place‘ as pricing is subject to change. But you can lock in current pricing by pledging early. The price quoted on the form will be the you pay. 

Will I really always be recognised on emailexpert?

Yes when we say a permanent listing for life we really do mean it.

When do I need to make payment?

There is currently no urgent requirements for funds we are really looking to firm up pledges and declarations of serious interest at this stage.

Can I have exclusivity?

We can look to provide exclusivity of sponsorship within specific defined verticals for founding sponsor level and above. This will attract a significant sponsorship premium.  Let us know here.

I am convinced but I need you to guarantee X,Y or Z..​

Let us know what you need to be convinced and come on board we are happy to entertain reasonable requests for those looking to commit, especially at the upper levels. Our founder partner position offers a great deal of flexibility and would be keen to hear from serious and sincere potential partners with what their expectations are. 
You can let us know here.

A few common available data points for all listings

We are working on how we present nearly 120 different data points, not all of which will be available at launch. Many data points will be conditional on the vertical or listing type. What we have outlined below is just a few of the data points which are commonly available across all listing types and vendor verticals. 

Product, Service or Platform: Screenshots, Overview, Integrations and other vertical specific data points
Community & Social: Latest Blog Post Headlines, Twitter, Facebook and other updates for each business in one place
Financial data: Public/Private/Non-Profit, Annual Revenue, Share Price (UP/Down) and Market CAP, Capital Raised to Date
Business Insight: Brand Name, Legal Entity, Location, Parent, SIC & NAIC Codes, Employees Numbers, Founder Info
Market & Segments: SMB, Enterprise, B2B, Retail, eCommerce. education, health, publishing 
Legitimacy: Membership, Accreditation & Certifications tracked (M3AAWG, DMA, ESPC, CSA, ADMA and others)
Social Proof: Alexa Rankings, Social Follower numbers (in time growth) and onsite reviews available
Technologies Used: Google Apps, WordPress, Vimeo, Zendesk and hundreds of other tech tracked

Soft Launch Preview November 2019

Full Launch 2020

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